Exploring New Perspectives.
Expanding New Horizons.

Cardinals signify a sense of belonging and harmony.

Like the cardinal, my goal is to help you feel a strong sense of belonging in your world and help you be in harmony with all aspects of your life. It’s my mission to help you regain perspective, uncover your power, and remember your purpose. 

Feeling stuck? Activational coaching utilizes what is already inside of you; your skills, abilities, dreams, and desires.

You have the tools to work through it; you just need some new strategies for uncovering what’s holding you back. Some new perspective. A new outlook. That’s where I come in.

Hello, I’m Stephanie

I am a certified coach, mindfulness and meditation instructor, and clinical therapist. More importantly, I am just a regular human who gets up every morning and navigates this very messy thing we call life.

I believe all of us have inherent wisdom that guides us. I am committed to empowering and supporting you to uncover that wisdom and make decisions that bring meaning to your life.


The skills I learned while going through the intensive certification process are invaluable to me as I work with clients. I am also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Co-Active Training Institute and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) issued by the International Coaching Federation. I am also certified mindfulness and meditation teacher and a clinical therapist. Obtaining the highest level of training possible to bring to my coaching is an integral component of what I offer you.


I began my career working in business, with an undergrad in Human Resources, soon recognizing it did not bring meaning to my life. Yes, it took me 15 years to figure that out, but I did! I obtained my master’s in Social Work, with a fellowship at Menninger Clinic focusing on mental health and family systems. I have worked in healthcare and mental health for over 20 years and find great meaning in supporting people as they examine their lives and their possibilities. I have meditated for over 30 years and trained through the University of Massachusetts to become a certified MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) instructor.

As a clinical therapist for 20 years, I have been privileged to work with many amazing individuals. Over the years, I began to realize that many who came into my office did not need therapy, they needed coaching. They wanted something different in life but did not know what that meant. They felt “stuck.” They were torn about a decision they were facing. Perfect for coaching! Coaching focuses on goals, on where you are right now and where you want to be in the future. Coaching is exciting and dynamic! And…it is FUN! 

With my intensive training in coaching, therapy, and mindfulness, I have a unique combination of expertise and skills to offer you as you embark on this journey of exploration.


I believe people are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.

I believe people have an innate knowledge and wisdom that can guide them through difficult, challenging times.

I believe when people take the time to explore their values and beliefs, they find their answers.

You are not broken. I have never met someone who is broken. You are whole, just as you are. If you want to change something, I can help with that. You have the ability, courage, and wisdom to change.

Who I Serve

Folks in transition

  • You are typically always in some type of transition.
  • Whether you are 20, 60, or 80, something is changing in your life.
  • You might be changing careers, having a baby, or becoming an empty nester.
  • You could be stuck in a job, a relationship, in mid-life, maybe just got a promotion or lost a job.
  • You start telling yourself stories; holding yourself back; believing you “can’t do this.”
  • I believe you can.

Folks who are stuck

  • People often come to me wanting “something” – they don’t know what that something is, but they know they want a change, they want more.
  • You don’t have to know what “it” is, but you have to be willing to explore.
  • You might want to have more fun or dive deep into what brings meaning to your life.
  • All of it, every bit of it, can be supported through coaching.


  • It is lonely at the top.
  • You have very few people with whom you can really share your worries or fears.
  • There is an expectation you have all the answers, and have it all together.
  • But you don’t.
  • That is not reality.
  • I have spent years working with leaders, I am familiar with what you are facing.
  • I can listen, provide feedback, encourage you, and support you as you grapple with the demands of life, both professional and personal.
  • You can do this.

Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Bi-Weekly Sessions

A commitment to your personal growth and development includes bi-weekly coaching sessions, as well as access to me between sessions. 

Free exploratory session

The best way to know if coaching is for you is to try it out. During our free 30 minute coaching session, you will experience coaching and get to know me. There is no risk; only possibility. 

Get in touch!



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